Connect Provider API

The Connect Provider API lets you provide event and booking informations, lets reseller directly book in your ticket system and sell more tickets.

API User Guide

  1. Getting started
    Welcome to the keyper Connect Provider API! Please note that this api is still in progress so keep in mind that things could eventually change till this api is soon finally released.
  2. Create an account
    To get you started you first need to create an business account (for sandbox access alternatively visit sandbox).
  3. Create a Ticketsystem
    Navigate to “connect”, choose the option “Provider”, then navigate to “ticketsystem” and create a new ticketsystem. During this step an api key is generated for your system which you have to use for importing data to keyper connect.
  4. Connect Partners
    To make your events accessible for others choose some of the available partners or accept partnership invitations.
  5. Create offer channel
    After that you should create offer channels. Public offer channels can be accessed by all of your connected partners, private offer channels can only be accessed when a partner was invited to it. To enable keyper connect (respectively your partner resellers) to book tickets in your system you also have to provide the resources for the order process.

If you are having trouble with the api or want to help us improve our service contact us immediately via keyper developer support.
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